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Conference topics:

  • Development of deep grain processing: from simple starch to products with high added value
  • Bioproducts based on sugars: amino acids, organic acids, Bioplastics.
  • Starch and protein: market, production and application of starch and protein
  • Dry grinding technology as a risk factor in projects of deep processing of legumes
  • Fermentation and production of more profitable products: ethanol, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, etc.
  • Global trends and breakthroughs in the field of wastewater treatment plant for deep grain processing.
  • Organic plants: the economics of the deep grain processing plant – what has changed in approaches.

In the conference bulletin:

  • World corn market
  • World market of amino acids
  • Ukrainian grain market
  • Ukrainian land market
  • Innovations-2023


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