Insightex is the only platform in Ukraine that provides consulting services in the field of deep processing of corn from the construction of an elevator, through the construction of production lines, up to the commissioning of the plant, as well as in the marketing of finished products on world markets.

Insightex is the only site in Ukraine that exclusively represents the topic of deep processing of grain: wet milling of corn and wheat, processing of native starch into starch products in the following areas: saccharification, fermentation, modification, and polymerization. At the convention site Insightex “Deep processing of grain”, created in 2017, 4 conferences are held annually, gathering halls. From its inception to every conference, Insightex publishes its own printed edition. For Insightex editions and latest publications, please visit

Among the participants and speakers of the conference are such well-known companies in Ukraine as UkrStarch, Roshen, InterStarch, Khlibodar, Glowlit, HD Group, Eridon, Buhler, Alima-bis FPT, Behn + Bates, Biolights, Çemsan, Enzym, Hanse Agri, Hemc, KAZ Food Products, Myande, and others. These are speakers from Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Turkey, China, Kazakhstan, Israel, Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

On the fields of the platform work specialists who know and understand the technologies for the production of fuel ethanol, wet milling of corn and wheat, deep processing of grain starches into starch products, such as dextrins [DE = 3 ÷ 10], maltodextrins [DE = 10 ÷ 20] and glucose syrups [DE = 20 ÷ 42], high fructose corn syrups [HFCS], organic acids [lactic acid, citric acid], amino acids [Lysin, Tryptophan].