May 10

Current issues in global fuel ethanol markets

Over the past few decades, the interests of biofuel and aviation producers have focused on the use of biodiesel as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of jet engines. The ethanol industry wants to get more involved and is creating a new industry. The SAF market is expected to…
April 02

Global maize market

Global corn production in 2023 and consumption have grown by almost 40% (39.0% and 37.1%, respectively) since 2011. China’s corn consumption in the same period added 68.2%, including production of +49.8% and imports of +339.8%

March 18

Owners and managers

Owners and managers are constantly faced with the problem of access to information about markets, technologies and marketing quality. The world is changing rapidly, and the agribusiness sector is changing along with it: those industries that attracted investors yesterday are now retreating to secondary roles, while those that have recently…
February 17

Peru: growing and processing corn

Peru is dependent on corn imports, as its domestic production barely covers a third of its consumption. Local corn is mainly used for the food processing industry, while imports are used to meet feed demand from Peru’s expanding poultry sector. Balance of corn in Peru in 2020/21 MY (thousand tons) Stocks Production Import Supply of feed FSI …

25 January

Colombia: growing and processing maize (corn) grain

Consumption of Colombian corn is growing at a faster rate than production. Colombia is dependent on corn imports as local production only accounts for 20% of annual consumption.

According to forecasts, production of Colombian corn in 2020/21 MY will decline to 1.5 million tons due to a 5% …

3 december

Maize (or corn) processing: which two paths Argentina chose?

Argentina produces fuel ethanol and corn syrups by deep corn processing. Industrial consumption of corn for these purposes is estimated at 4 million tons.

Due to the reduction in acreage and yields, the gross grain harvest in Argentina in 2020/21 will decrease by 2 million tons – to 48 million tons…

November 17

Brazil is gaining momentum: growing and deep processing of corn

November Out of 851.577 million hectares. of the total Brazilian area, agricultural land occupies a little more than a third – 32.9%, and more than half of the land is covered with forests – 61.9%. Brazilian corn production is growing every year, that growth is driven by solid export prices and strong domestic demand from poultry and livestock, as well as a growing corn ethanol business.