25 may

Deep processing of grain

Methods of how to manage prices for grain and finished products, how to properly distribute sales in domestic and foreign markets, which foreign markets are most attractive for wet corn products, how to determine current prices in some major markets

19 march

Construction and destruction of markets for consumption and marketing of Products of deep processing of grain. During the conference, expert interviews were conducted with managers, industry experts; and answers were given related to the effective functioning of the industry in the context of the deep economic crisis

September 24

Bioeconomy Prospect for $

The European Commission has defined bioeconomy as the production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value-added products such as food, feed, bioproducts and bioenergy

June 24

Technology transfer

Deep processing of agricultural products. One of the most pressing topics for today’s Ukraine. How to move from a resource-based economy to a high-tech one with a high degree of added value?

November 21

Feed industry

In recent years, the feed industry has been increasingly using the advances in biotechnology in the field of deep grain processing to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of products. Suffice it to recall the whole range of feed additives based on feed enzymes.