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On May 25, Kyiv will host the international forum “Deep Processing of Grain”. The program covers the use of the latest trends in the development of the biochemistry industry, which give high results; also will be discussed the introduction of innovative products and services and the application of the latest tools in practice.

During the design period of the deep corn processing plant, most companies face the problem of determining prices for finished products. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that during the design period of the plant are not always accurately identified markets for finished products. Different markets require the positioning of the same products at different prices. The topic of the conference “Prices for wet products” shows techniques on how to manage prices for grain and finished products, how to properly distribute sales in domestic and foreign markets, which foreign markets are most attractive for wet products, how to determine current prices in some major markets. Influence of Investment, commodity, price indicators for calculation of the generated income and definition of return on investments.

Global Forbes has identified several trends that the food industry will follow in 2021

1. Refusal from plastic packaging. “Be biodegradable or die”.
2. Carbon marking. Consumers want to know how the manufacturer affected the environment.
3. Growth of the market for delivery services of ready-made food sets (+ 18% per year until 2024).
4. Artificial (vegetable) fish.
5. Expanding alternatives to egg products. They, it turns out, already exist: eggs based on algae, liquid mixtures.
6. Vitaminization of everything, to chocolates.
7. Adaptogens. This is a relatively new trend – substances that supposedly reduce the effect of stress on the central nervous system. Not everyone believes, but manufacturers are already stuffing them into coffee and protein bars just in case.
8. Regenerative agriculture. Within the framework of the new ethics, the agro-industrial complex should not only not harm the environment, but also have a positive effect on it…


Conference topics:

Session I: how to produce products for organic plants to have added value and markets

– Congratulations
Volodymyr Stavniuk Head of the Innovation Division of the Israeli CCI in Ukraine

– Commodity supercycle or soap bubble
Guy Soreg, founder of Glowlit (Israel) – is it really profitable to recycle as they say.

– Justification of market prices for wet corn products
Analyst at Insightex – you will not find such information anywhere.
– how to manage the ratio of grain prices and prices for finished products
– how to properly distribute sales in domestic and foreign markets
– which foreign markets are most attractive for wet grinding products
– how to determine current prices in some major markets.

– A new level of high production efficiency
Olga Skrypnyk, Commercial Director of LLC ProLeiT Automation (France)

Session II: how to build and maintain organic plants.

– Service pyramid: 5 levels of wet grinding plant maintenance
Insightex analyst

– Step-by-step plan to counteract the loss of funds at the planning stage
Ivan Kun is the founder of Interproekt

– Experience in selling grain processing products
Didar Kadyr – export manager KazFoodProducts LLP (Kazakhstan)

– Where is the main cost of the processing plant.
Discussion. Mentor – Ivan Kun. founder of Interproekt
Discussion with company experts; TEFF, Buhler

In the conference bulletin:

World lysine markets:
– world market
– usage
– production technology
– world prices
– history of the lysine industry
– world consumption
– global markets
– overview of some regional markets
– Ukrainian lysine market

Business and strategies:
Logistics of wet-milled cereal products
– starch milk
– gluten meal [gm]
– corn germs

Project management:
marketing plan



Agricultural producers

Grain traders

Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages

Manufacturers of meat and sausages

Water, juices and other soft drinks

Manufacturers of butter, mayonnaise and sauces

Flour and bakery manufacturers

Frozen food manufacturers

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