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Bioeconomy is the economics of restoring natural resources in the production of food, energy, goods, and services. The volume of the bioeconomy by 2025 was to be almost 8 trillion dollars. But in just the first few months of 2020, the two events challenged all the usual discussions and developments of today. The coronavirus pandemic and the collapse of oil prices, which call into question all previous forecasts and assumptions.

The uniqueness of the current situation in the world is that almost all economic ties have been put on a long and indefinite pause. From a global and efficient world economy has moved towards a natural and closed within countries.

It is in such conditions that new industry standards are laid. The bioeconomy, an integral part and a necessary condition for new value chains in the world can make a significant leap if it becomes such an “industry standard” for the next decade.

The slowdown in science and technology caused by the global crisis may affect the bioeconomy as an ecosystem to a lesser extent. For biotechnological experiments, the coming years will be under increased attention from society and the state. The transition from “green” and “smart” to “efficient” is the main vector of bioeconomy development for the next decade. The steady growth of segments (both intermediate and final) related to biotechnology, such as packaging, food, medicine, new materials, will withstand the new conditions of competition. At least for the next few years, the sovereignty of the manufacturer will return: it is he who will decide what and how to do it, and the buyer will be more difficult to impose their conditions.

We warmly invite you to take part in the international forum “Bioeconomy DEEP PROCESSING OF GRAINS” which will take place on September 24 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The main purpose of the event is to intensify international cooperation, draw the attention of leading business circles to new prospects for the Ukrainian market, strengthen economic ties, demonstrate positive changes in creating an attractive investment climate in Ukraine.

The program of the forum covers the use of the latest trends in the development of biochemistry, which give high results, the introduction of innovative products and services, and the application of the latest tools in practice.

The forum will be attended by world experts in the grain processing industry, agriculture, food, chemical, and petroleum industries, government officials, and the scientific community. Issues of modernization of production and capacity building through technical re-equipment, reconstruction of food and processing industry organizations, and new construction based on innovative technologies and resource-saving equipment will be considered.

We are confident that your presence will give a significant impetus to the deepening of economic dialogue and friendship between the participating companies.

Global Forbes has identified several trends that the food industry will follow in 2021

1. Refusal from plastic packaging. “Be biodegradable or die”.
2. Carbon marking. Consumers want to know how the manufacturer affected the environment.
3. Growth of the market for delivery services of ready-made food sets (+ 18% per year until 2024).
4. Artificial (vegetable) fish.
5. Expanding alternatives to egg products. They, it turns out, already exist: eggs based on algae, liquid mixtures.
6. Vitaminization of everything, to chocolates.
7. Adaptogens. This is a relatively new trend – substances that supposedly reduce the effect of stress on the central nervous system. Not everyone believes, but manufacturers are already stuffing them into coffee and protein bars just in case.
8. Regenerative agriculture. Within the framework of the new ethics, the agro-industrial complex should not only not harm the environment, but also have a positive effect on it…


Conference topics:

Session I: Products or ingredients of the future or present

Sessions that will provide answers related to the effective functioning of the industry. Foods of the future or the present – new opportunities to expand markets, both domestic and global.

Session II: High-margin business in the biotechnology segment

Technical subtleties of production of some processed products: starches, biopolymers, protein products, amino acids, vitamins, and compound feeds.

A topic that allows you to reveal direct consumers in the food, confectionery, cosmetics, medical, agricultural, chemical industries. The list of consumers and products is calculated by thousands of items…

In the conference bulletin:

• World corn market

• World market of amino acids

• Ukrainian grain market

• Ukrainian land market

• Innovations-2021



Agricultural producers

Grain traders

Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages

Manufacturers of meat and sausages

Water, juices and other soft drinks

Manufacturers of butter, mayonnaise and sauces

Flour and bakery manufacturers

Frozen food manufacturers

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